So why did I start this blog?

I used to be in a relationship with who I thought was my dream girl.  After a while I couldn’t play video games without her making me feel terrible about it.  She hated that I was into them but I needed some way to geek out.  I wanted to see what other gamers were excited about- really just to talk about video games even if no one was going to listen (or read).  Ultimately, she forced me to pick and I did.  I picked me.  That’s what this blog is.

I am Dean.  I’ve been playing video games my entire life.  I love them.  They’re a huge part of me and nothing will change that.  If I ever stop posting it’s either because I’m dead or the zombie apocalypse is happening.  In which case that’s actually kinda cool…

OK.  Thanks for reading!  Time for some Taco Bell.

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