So this is kind of a long story. If you’re interested- read on. If not- tl;dr.

In 2008, I moved to Los Angeles and within a month completely fell for the most beautiful girl I had ever known.  She was a unicorn woman. A woman so unbelievably beautiful you wouldn’t dream of talking to her because that just isn’t happening.

But a mutual friend introduced us and we started dating.  It was just so perfect- almost a dream come true.

About 7 months in we’d been spending a lot of time together.  Once in a while I’d want to go home after work and just chill out with a video game for a couple hours- have a little “me time.”  This was  maybe once a week!  Whenever I expressed this I’d get the condescending, passive aggressive responses.  She meant a lot to me though so I started playing less and less.

I didn’t want to make her upset.  At the time, she was the girl of my dreams.  She who wore sexy jeans with heels and wore her hair up! The last thing I wanted to do was make her upset.

Then it happened.

She asked me if I wanted to go out with her one weekend but I already had plans which I told her about in advance- an “event” my friends and I did every 3-5 months which we called Halo Fest.  She lost it.

She started yelling at me about how I should want to spend time with her whenever possible which (I’m not kidding here) included all the time that I wasn’t at work.  I didn’t think she was crazy for wanting that since I had started to think about her as someone I’d spend a very long time with.  The next words out of her mouth changed that.

“I’m just wondering when this is going to stop.”

Oh. Baby…

“This” being what I’ve been doing since I was 8. “This” being like my blood type. “This” being “video games”- they’re a part of me.  Instantly I knew it was over.  I didn’t know how much longer it would go but I knew our relationship would not work out.  She hated that I played video games.  She looked down on me for it like I was half a person.  She made jokes about how stupid they were.

After about two months of this our relationship ended.

So why did I start this blog? When I was in a relationship I couldn’t play video games without my ex making me feel terrible about it. I needed some way to geek out, to see what other gamers were excited about- really just to talk about video games even if no one was going to listen. Ultimately, she forced me to pick and I did. I picked me. That’s what this blog is.

I am Dean. I’ve been playing video games my entire life. I love them. They’re a huge part of me and I’m not letting anyone change that. If I ever stop posting to this it’s either because I’m dead or the zombie apocalypse is happening. In which case that’s actually kinda cool…

OK. Thanks for reading! Time for some Taco Bell.

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