The Open-World Era

Blow me away again, Bungie!

Not gonna lie, as much as I’ve ragged on “next-gen” gaming, I’m hella excited how open-world is becoming a thing.

From racing games to action RPGs, to first-person shooters, open world games are what I’ve always wanted.  It’s proof not, just of technical prowess, but also that developers really understand and feel what gamers desire.  We want organic possibilities.  We want experiences unique to our console, to our characters, to our personalities.

As someone who isn’t particularly into the more fanatasy-y games (ie Skyrim, World of Warcraft etc.) I’ll get to experience, in a very good way, just how social life-limiting (or social life-enabling?) these MMO open-world games can really be.

Here’s to the dawn of a new [open-world] era.

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