Detailed Immersion Theory

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Deus Ex is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. Deus Ex: The Conspiracy was my favorite of the three followed close by the most recent- Human Revolution. We won’t even talk about the second game.

I want more depth in these newer games. I know Eidos is working on another DX game-

I just hope they’re making it more open world, more non-linear and, for the love of god, I hope they add more guns. MAN, do I hope they add more guns!

I realize gunplay isn’t the main focus of the game but gun depth (just multiple types of pistols, shotguns, assault rifles etc.) is something that can go a long way in immersing you in that virtual world.

I have this theory. I call it the “detailed immersion theory.” Basically, it means that when you’re thrown into a game there are a lot of little things that subconsciously make you believe in the world you’re playing through. By “little things” I mean devices that aren’t necessarily used to further the main plot or add game features. They’re things that add a level of detail to the world. They don’t always have to be based around guns, though.

It can be as simple as different types of skins (Battlefield, Call of Duty, Goldeneye etc.), or as seemingly substantial as entire races (Mass Effect). The Elcor in Mass Effect are an interesting race but if they didn’t exist, it wouldn’t turn the game upside down. The Elcor simply add to the universe and you subconsciously believe in it- wow, there are so many planets and ways of life in the galaxy!

I don’t mean to say, your belief in a game’s virtual world is held up by this/these little piece(s) but they definitely help and, in turn, can make a good game into a great game.

Goldeneye, Mass Effect, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time are all games that support this “detailed immersion theory.”

Mass Effect, has an incredible universe that really sucks you in. Not only are there over 20 different races that you encounter, but there are also different weapons manufacturers in the game! This means there are multiple types of assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles etc. They take it a step further and also have different armor manufacturers etc. It’s even more interesting because both ME and DX gameplay are based around the combo of weapons AND abilities.

Goldeneye mostly takes place in Russia, yet there are over 20 different guns and over 15 different gadgets. This includes nine different pistols, over 5 different explosives, 3 different assault rifles, 2 different shotguns and 4 different sub-machine guns. There are also over 30 different multiplayer skins.

Where do I begin with Ocarina of Time? The different swords, horses, the songs you play on the ocarina!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had great music, an innovative hacking system, beautifully detailed environments, and cool augmentations but for a game that puts its main character- an ex-SWAT member- in a crime-riddled Detroit in 2027, I feel like the variety of guns should definitely be greater.

What do you guys think? More weapons? Let me know in the comments below!

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