Pre-Ordering Borderlands 2 (Part III)


Finally.  Borderlands 2 eve is upon us!  If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I’ve been more trying to decide… whether to get Borderlands 2 for either Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Tonight at midnight I’ll be getting Borderlands 2 for… wait for it…

Xbox 360!

sweet, Jesus, it's finally here!

The biggest factor for me was the multiplayer. Even though I ended up completely disregarding it in Borderlands 1 this is something I want to dive into at some point for the sequel. The console that will give me the best experience for this is the 360. Better in-game voice chat, party support and most of all- more of my friends have an Xbox so I’ll more likely have someone to roam Pandora with.

Now, I just need to decide which class I want to play as… Zer0 or Axton.

Which console did you get it for? What class will you be tearing it up as?


UPDATE (9/20/12)

If you haven’t decided which console you’ll be getting Borderlands 2 for, this side-by-side comparison may help.  Courtesy of CVG.  Happy vault hunting!

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One response to “Pre-Ordering Borderlands 2 (Part III)”

  1. rainmaker97 says :

    I tried to get it at midnight, but there were about a hundred people lined up outside EB Games (which is a lot for my sleepy Canadian town). I just turned the car around and said fuck that.

    Anyway, I got it for 360 and I’ve been playing as Zer0. Been enjoying it so far, although they didn’t fix a lot of stuff I didn’t like about BL1 and even made a few things kinda worse. I’m digging the greater focus on story though.

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