You Guys, This Game Looks Awesome!

eff. yes.

Real-time strategy games are not dead.  Far from it.  Just this past week one of my favorite RTS games came out of its slumber after being announced last year- Command & Conquer: Generals 2.

But I’m not writing to talk about that.  Oh, no.   Dudes and dudettes, I (really, Uber Entertainment) give you Planetary Annihilation.

Think of it as a mix of the lush art from Tropico grinding all up on Command & Conquer: Generals… in space.

The devs seem like they know their shizz.  Not only will the game be available for Mac and PC but they’re also doing Linux!  Can’t wait to read the requirements to play this amazing looking game… I can only hope this game will work on my newly, (unplanned) purchased, bottom of the list MacBook Pro…

Their Kickstarter seems promising.  They’re a little more than halfway to their goal and have 22 days left.

OK.  Enough.  Go!  Donate!   Make this game happen!

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