Pre-Ordering Borderlands 2 (Part II)

Why does September have to be so far away!?

I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 today.

For both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A pre-order is a big deal.  Not just for you, but also for retailers like Best Buy and GameStop.  They eat it up.  They’ll offer incentives to employees and sometimes even hold in-store competitions for getting the most customers to pre-order games etc.  This pressure from retailers plus the trend of different retailers offering different pre-order bonuses for the same game can make it tough even for a hardcore gamer to decide where to slap their five bucks down.

And that’s not even talking about different “editions” (collector’s or otherwise) of the game that become available.

For a game like, say Deus Ex: Human Revolution, aside from whether or not you wanted the “Augmented Edition” (or collector’s edition) there were two main pre-order bonuses.  One was called the “Explosive Mission Pack” and offered players a grenade launcher and remote detonated explosive device.  The other was the “Tactical Enhancement Pack” which offered players a very different set of in-game utilities- a silenced sniper rifle and a double-barreled shotgun.  Depending on how you think you’ll want to play the game you’d pre-order accordingly.

In the case of Borderlands 2, there really was no difficult part in deciding where to preorder the game.  GameStop (yeah, yeah, I know) had far and away the best deal.  Pre-order the game and get the Creature Slaughter Dome (which I’m hoping is on par with Firefight mode) in addition to membership to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club.  So, as of this post (about a month before release) GameStop has the best deal with, really, the only exclusive content.

As for whether or not, I got the collector’s or limited editions of the game, I got neither.  I make it personal policy to not spend more than the standard $60 for a full console game.  Would I like to get the sweet art book and soundtracks and maybe some other cool stuff that I don’t even know about?  Ofcourse!  But I barely make enough money to buy the games I really want let alone pay an extra $20-$50.

In fact, the only collector’s edition game I ever bought was Bioshock on Xbox 360.  As soon as the review embargo lifted and the game was getting all these great reviews I raced to the GameStop in the Prudential Center in Boston.  I saw the boxes already in the store with the sweetest Big Daddy action figure.  They couldn’t sell the game yet but the GameStop employee told me it was only an extra $10 for the edition with the action figure, soundtrack and behind the scenes interviews.  Done.  I plunked down $70 and didn’t turn back.

So step 1 in buying Borderlands 2: complete.  Now I need to figure out which system I should keep my pre-order for…

Where did you guys pre-order Borderlands 2?  Let me know in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Pre-Ordering Borderlands 2 (Part II)”

  1. rainmaker97 says :

    I’ll probably be preordering at GameStop, since they always get stuff on day one. Every time I’ve preordered at Future Shop (a Canadian electronics chain akin to Best Buy), they never have my stuff in on day one, because “for some reason it didn’t come in.” I’m getting real sick of paying top dollar at GameStop though, so I might look into Amazon or Newegg in the near future.

    • thisisdean1 says :

      The idea of pre-ordering an item online doesn’t sit well with me.

      I’m always skeptical of getting it on day one and have had TERRIBLE experiences with Amazon pre-orders. I tried it twice and both times my stuff didn’t arrive on day one. In one instance it took multiple days (Mass Effect 3) before I received it.

      • M.Mullins says :

        As crazy as it may seem…Wal mart preorders always get to my home at least a day early…..means a lot.

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