Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Will Be A Next-Gen Game

I'm calling it now

Earlier this year at E3 Ubisoft announced its new intellectual property- Watch Dogs.  Players take on the role of a hacker in an open-world, third person action game set in Chicago.  No release date has been announced.  Not even a “coming in 2013” etc.

Watch Dogs will be a next-gen game.  I have two reasons for making this claim.  The first is a theory, the second is more technical.

Stay with me here.  For a minute, let’s assume that the next generation of console’s will release sometime in 2014.  Let’s also assume that a game generally is released a 12-15 months after it’s announced.  Spoiler alert- there will be a bunch of assuming here.

Back to assuming- let’s say the game gets a release date of September 2013.  This puts it out 15 months after its announcement.

If the next-gen consoles are coming sometime in 2014- this gives Watch Dogs about a year of exclusive console life meaning it’ll be available on the best consoles currently out- Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for a year until next-gen consoles release.  If a next-gen console releases, theoretically (and arguably) it becomes the most sought-after experience for a gamer.

If a massive publisher/developer like Ubisoft is announcing a new IP they won’t let it get lost in a console transition.  Sure, it’ll be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 but it’ll either be (forward?) compatible with/downloadable for/or re-released for the next-gen consoles.

The second reason I make this claim is because the graphics in the gameplay video are too good.  “Too good” according to what?

Watch the GTA V trailer or play LA Noir.  Don’t get me wrong- Rockstar is really good at those facial expressions, but they’ve had plenty of time to work with the Xbox 360 and PS3 dev kits to squeeze everything out of the current gen consoles for their games.  They’re open-world games, compromises have to be made somewhere (for this generation of consoles at least).

The short trailer turned 9min gameplay vid of Watch Dogs looks like Midnight Club on steroids meets Deus Ex on steroids in an open-world.  Did Ubisoft ever say what the demo was run off of?  PS3 or Xbox dev kit?

I’m calling this now- Watch Dogs will be available on next-gen consoles.

Whatcha think?  Will Watch Dogs be a next-gen title?  Sound off in the comments below.

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